The Comp-Net Venue Suite is an expanding collection of integrated applications that helps in the running of your venue. Our available modules include Membership, Stage and Digital Signage. Any of these modules can work independently but when tied together through the membership module release a whole new set of features. All of these modules are being updated on a regular basis and updates are free to subscribing organisations. Generally speaking you can run the system on hardware you already have although this will not always be supported. We recommend a touch interface device for the stage but a regular keyboard and mouse computer will work so long as the operator is comfortable with that. The membership system runs in the cloud in a secure environment so you can be sure that your members' data is safe. Because the members database is held on the internet, a reasonable internet connection is required. Whilst the membership system can be run over 'theCloud' or other free WiFi, the digital signage and stage computers require a paid internet service. Already gone digital? Not a problem, in most cases we can integrate your existing membership cards into our own system.

Current and *up-coming features:

  • Club overview page
  • Add, search and update members
  • Online membership application
  • Record subscription payments
  • Take pool payments either weekly or annually
  • Make lists of members for pooling
  • Draw a random member for the pool
  • Order membership cards
  • Check member status without login
  • *Send emails to membership (Feature due Late 2016)
  • *Send SMS to membership (Feature due Late 2016)
  • *Print labels for sending postal corrispondance to members (Feature due Late 2016)
  • Standard 90 number bingo games
  • Random number draws
  • MP3 music player (music not included)
  • Pool draw mode (links to live membership database)
  • Open the Box game
  • *Sticky 13 bingo (Feature due Late 2016)
  • *Higher or Lower game (Feature due Late 2016)
  • *Tote double / treble / letters (Feature due Late 2016)
  • *Auto-caller voice (Feature due Late 2016)
  • Internal club notices and adverts
  • Sports team results from League Republic
  • Adverts for local businesses and groups
  • Weather forecasts
  • Feeds from the BBC / Facebook / Twitter
  • Club game information e.g. Open the Box
  • CCTV Camera feeds
  • *In early production, scheduled for Q2 2017, the features will include
    • Guest and members pricing levels
    • Pre-payment via membership cards
    • Taking subs and pool payments via the till
    • Loyalty schemes such as points for every pound spent
    • Gift vouchers
    • Analysis reports showing which members are the most valuable to you
  • This part of the suite will control magnetic door locks to restrict access and ensure compliance.
  • *Work not yet scheduled, expected Q4 2017.


Pricing for the suite is very competative at just 50p per member per year. Membership cards are priced at 50p each for black and white and £1 each for colour. If you would like a photograph of the member on your cards then colour is required. Emails will be sent for free once that feature is up and running and postal corispondance would be dealt with by you. SMS messages are provided via TextMarketer and you would be responsible for funding your own account with them. TextMarketer's SMS pricing can be found here.

The stage software system costs £25 per year and includes over the phone support.

Signage displays cost £15 per year for hosting and hardware is sold separately.

Pricing for hardware is not included but the following examples are indicative of our fees;

  • 10.8" Tablet computer £150, these devices are windows based to allow for our future app developments.
  • Stage system £750, 23" touch-screen chairperson's computer and 23" customer facing display.
  • Digital signage system £350, 32" display with a stick computer to run it.
  • Magnetic stripe readers cost around £25.

We are also open to suggestions for new features and appreciate feedback on existing features and any bugs you may find. Please send all comments and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with cVS in your message title.