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Network Cabling

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Extensive experince

The team at Comp-Net have lots of experience in working with wired network infrastructure. Should you need fault diagnosis on a single run, complete wiring of a new-build site or even just an upgrade because you’ve outgrown your current setup then we have the expertise to get the core of your IT systems running as they should be.

End-to-end service

Your wired network includes a lot of components. From wall plates and jacks to switches and routers, at Comp-Net we take on all works to ensure your data flows. We can get everything set up for you to work in a single room, a whole building, a whole site or even work across multiple sites with VPN technologies, including remote workers.

Right-fit technology

One of the key focus points for Comp-Net is making sure that the work we do for our customers is right for our customers. Not every customer needs 10 Gigabit links at every workstation. We will take the time to talk through your pain points as well as your business and how it operates to ensure that the service you end up with fits what you need.