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New CCTV Installs

Adding CCTV to your place of business is a simple way to gain peace of mind. You can cover yourself in case of mishaps as well as making sure lone workers have cover for any issues that may arise. Whether keeping a check on safe working practice, or safe-guarding sensative areas of your business Comp-Net can help with a range of effective CCTV solutions.

Working with your existing system

Has your current CCTV system seen better days? Are there parts that are still worth keeping and bringing into a modern system? Comp-Net IP-CCTV systems can help you make the most of your existing investment by bringing existing analogue cameras into the digital world, saving time and money. We also have no problem expanding to multi-site solutions.

Simple remote monitoring

The CCTV solutions we install, whether completely new or encompasing existing devices, are able to be monitored remotely and securely from apps and web browsers. Live in-house monitors can also be set up for supervisors or security staff enabling constant piece of mind. The addition of motion or sound based alerting can also let you get some sleep when nothing is happening.