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Wireless Networking

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Work where you need to

Wired network solutions aren’t always the right answer and when thats the case we turn to WiFi. Meeting rooms, warehouses, break areas, shop floors and sports venues all lend themselves to people not wanting to physically plug in just to get connected. You should be able to just get on when and where you need to.

Keep up with demand

Very often, people come to us when the router that came from their provider just isn’t up to the job anymore. As more and more devices become wireless and people expect to be able to work in more and more places, you network needs to adapt to maintain productivity and user satisfaction.

Meeting customer expectations

In the modern world, providing wireless access isn’t just about making sure your staff can work. More and more often our customers are expecting WiFi wherever they go. Making sure customer internet access doesn’t lead to people accessing your business network is more important than ever and Comp-Net are here to help.