We have a few jobs that we have to do time and again, so to make that easier we have the following fixed price support offers.




Operating system installation
We will partition your disk to your requirements and install the operating system. We will install all appropriate drivers and updates. We will activate the OS, configure automatic updates and check everything is running as it should be.


Virus Removal
We will scan for and clean all detectable malware infections. We will prepare a report detailing any viri removed and any recommended further actions such as anti-virus products and any associated costs.


WiFi setup
We will visit your home and install and configure your new router, including setting security options and evaluating the wireless signal. Your home broadband must be active for this service.


Computer setup
We will unpack and setup the computer in a way that works for you. We will configure the operating system and ensure any available updates are installed where possible. We will disable and remove any unnecessary applications (bloat-ware) that will reduce the performance of your computer. We will also configure your system for personal email. Once everything is setup, there is time for a demo and any questions you may have (try and think of some in advance and get them to us before the visit so this time can be as helpful as possible!).


Windows 10 update
We will perform a pre-update check to confirm the compatibility of your system. Provided your system is compatible we will perform the update and then process any updates that arise from the change in OS. If your system is not compatible then we will advise you of your options and the fee will be halved.


E-mail setup
We will configure up to three email accounts on a single device. Should you require email software we will install this (please note that some software is chargeable). If needed we can help setup a new email account though this may be chargeable.


Computer and Laptop diagnosis and troubleshooting
We will inspect all aspects of your computer to isolate what is causing your slow-down. We will use a combination of hardware and software diagnostic tools as well as known-good components which we can swap into your system. Once the problem is identified, we will prepare a report outlining the cost to repair.


Setup of your new device
Perfect if you have a new computer, laptop or table and would like us to set it up for you. We will ensure the system is configured correctly and remove any unnecessary software applications that may slow down your device. We will ensure all updates are processed and create any user accounts you may require.


Device deep-clean
We will open-up your desktop or laptop and ensure that all fans, vents and filters are cleaned. We will remove and clean the main processor cooler and apply fresh thermal paste to ensure best performance. We will also thoroughly clean the display, keyboard and mouse. We will then give your device a check over to make sure everything is running as it should be.


Laptop screen replacement
We will open the laptop and remove the defective screen. We will install the new one and ensure that everything is working as it should be.


SSD storage upgrade
We will assess your computers suitability for an SSD upgrade and recommend a suitable device. If needed we will also advise you on any additional hardware that may be required. We will install and configure the new SSD ensuring everything is working as it should be.


Security check-up
We will check for and remove any malware on your system. We will check your system for any malicious internet activity. We will process all available updates excluding those that would be chargeable. We give advice on safe password creation and management. We will give general advice on keeping safe from external threats.


Installation of a new graphics card
We will check which upgrades are suitable for your system and discuss the options available to you. We will install the new hardware, including drivers and updates, and ensure everything is working as it should be. Please note that this service does not include the cost of any hardware.


System transfer
Following a compatibility assessment, we will transfer all your applications from your old computer to your new one, provided they are licensed and compatible. We will also transfer up to a terabyte of your own data and provide you with a report of what has been transferred.


Data transfer
We will transfer up to 1 terabyte of personal data including photos, videos and music from one system to another.


Data backup
We will discuss the various options available for data backup such as external disks, NAS devices and cloud backup and advise on the appropriate solution for your needs. We will help source and setup your backup solution including the installation and configuration of backup software. Once configured, we will ensure that your initial backup completes without issue.


PC power supply replacement
We will identify an appropriate replacement power supply for your system and advise of the associated costs. We will remove your old power supply and install the new one. Once the installation is complete we will ensure everything is working correctly.


Installation of a new motherboard
We will identify a suitable new motherboard and advise of the costs involved as well as any other hardware that will be required. We will install the new hardware and ensure that all appropriate drivers and updates are installed on your system. Once completed we will make sure everything is running as it should be.


30 minute device demo
We will thoroughly explain the device's connectors, buttons and switches and how to properly start up the device. We will go through the basics of the operating system such as how to get around, launch applications and properly shut down the system. This service is given at our premises or via remote link, home-visit demos would cost extra.


Speed-up diagnosis
We will inspect your devices components and installed applications and give basic advice on system maintenance. We will also discus any options that are available for upgrades.